Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Group claiming 2004 election fraud asks Dann to investigate

by Regina Fields, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Columbus- A group that still believes widespread voter fraud aided George W. Bush's 2004 victory in Ohio, triggering his successful presidential re-election, is asking the state for a criminal investigation.

The group, led by Columbus attorney Cliff Arnebeck, has tried almost since the polls closed three years ago to get a judge or prosecutor anywhere to validate their claims of voter suppression in Cuyahoga County and elsewhere but have little to show for their efforts.

Now they are turning to state Attorney General Marc Dann, whose office has authority under a nearly two-year-old election reform law to conduct criminal probes into allegations of voter fraud.

Arnebeck on Tuesday said he is forwarding books and other evidence, including photographs of ballots that allegedly were tampered with, to Dann's office. He is hoping for a grand jury proceeding that will result in criminal indictments.

Others working with Arnebeck include Bob Fitrakis, who was a Green Party gubernatorial candidate in 2006, and Richard Hayes Phillips, a Canton, N.Y., private investigator hired by Arnebeck.

Neither Dann nor his spokesman could be reached Tuesday for comment.

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