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Stealing The Next Election Too

Here's a an interview of Mark Crispin Miller on the past years' stolen elections and the upcoming 2008 election. His recent book, Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform, is what motivated Bobby Kennedy Jr. to write his articles about Ohio's 2004 election fraud and other election fraud thoughout the country.

The interview starts in the first few minutes of this Gary Null radio program.

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Here's more on the book, Fooled Again, from Amazon:

Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform (Paperback)
by Mark Crispin Miller, Professor, NY University

From Publishers Weekly
In this belated exposé—and clarion call for electoral reform—Miller (The Bush Dyslexicon) accuses George W. Bush and his "theocratic militants" of orchestrating electoral fraud to "hijack" the 2004 presidential race. Miller relies on original reporting, secondary sources and unadulterated outrage to make his case, marshaling evidence (much of it circumstantial) of Democratic voter disenfranchisement, mysterious computer snafus and discrepancies between exit poll results and official vote counts. He is especially critical of the press for what he describes as silence in the face of Bush's and Cheney's denials of fraud. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is another target of Miller's ire, for ignoring warnings of coordinated Republican plans to cheat and for doing nothing to contest the vote counts, especially in swing states Ohio and Florida. "Election-stealing" in Florida in particular presages a dark future for the entire nation: "a system built specifically to disenfranchise an aroused and even militant majority, and to do so without leaving any traces." Though Miller's sometimes unclear sourcing puts the burden on readers to separate fact from hearsay, he gathers enough well-documented evidence that anyone who cares about fair play should find this book revelatory. (Nov.)
--This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Book Description
The story the national media refused to cover: the massive evidence of frauds and improprieties that swung the 2004 presidential election to George W. Bush and why it can happen again.

In Fooled Again, renowned media critic Mark Crispin Miller argues that it wasn't "moral values" that swung the 2004 presidential race-it was theft. A huge array of anomalies, improper practices, and blatant violations of the law in state after state all happened to swing in the Bush ticket's favor.

Fooled Again not only gives abundant evidence of theft, but also describes the mind-set among both the major parties and the media that could easily allow it to happen again in 2006 and 2008.


A Devastating Indictment of the American Electoral System, December 26, 2005
By Steve Koss (New York, NY United States) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Fooled Again (Hardcover)
Andrew Gumbel opens his book, STEAL THIS VOTE, with a stunning indictment of the American electoral process from ex-President Jimmy Carter. Asked if the Carter Center's "widely respected international election monitoring team" would ever considering monitoring an American election, Carter bluntly declined. "Not only would the voting system be regarded as a failure, he said, but the shortcomings were so egregious [they] would never agree to monitor an [American] election in the first place....'The American political system wouldn't measure up to any sort of international standards...'"

In FOOLED AGAIN, Mark Crispin Miller analyzes the 2004 Presidential election and finds that President Carter was indeed correct in his assessment. Through his overview of the election results and his detailed analysis of the outcome in Florida and Ohio, he not only demonstrates how badly broken our national electoral system is, he provides more than enough evidence to suggest that our current President, George W. Bush, has in fact stolen two elections in the last five years. Why were reported election results so substantially at odds with the same day's exit polling (a first in American history)? Why were reported election results so substantially at odds with early voter returns in so many States, also a result without precedent? Why did Kerry's performance in key Democratic districts actually decline from Gore's, despite thousands of Democratic voter registrations and the relative absence of Ralph Nader from 2004's race? And what are we to make of Republican Congressman Peter King's assertion in the summer of 2003 that the 2004 election was already over? How did he know Bush would win? "It's all over but the counting," he answered. "And we'll take care of the counting." And so they did.

The examples are detailed, numerous, and specific: widespread and systematic pre-election disenfranchisement by local Republican election officials, failure to register Democratic voters, distributing absentee ballots late or incorrectly, spreading false and misleading information, refusing to register Democrats to vote, manipulating the availability of working voting machines to favor Republican precincts, intimidating voters on college campuses and at the polls, undersupplying provisional ballots in Democratic districts, throwing away Democratic votes, manipulating paperless electronic voting machines manufactured by Republican supporters, and virtually prohibiting millions of overseas absentee ballots from being counted. Miller points out that the Republican Party not only engaged in all of these vote suppression tactics and more, they simultaneously asserted repeatedly that the Democratic Party was in fact the one that was engaging in the same underhanded behaviors they were perpetrating!

Miller takes time out from his explication of events before and during the election to psychoanalyze the Republican Party's behavior. He contends that the more fanatical elements of the Party rationalize their own behaviors by projecting them onto the Democrats. By demonizing the dark forces of "the Other," they justify the absolute correctness of their own misdeeds. They see the election not as politics, but as an apocalyptic battle of dark and light, good and evil. Under such a "world view," any actions, no more how immoral, unethical, or outright illegal, are justifiable in the name of preserving Republican rule.

Mr. Miller also reserves much of his condemnation for the mainstream media. The major media organizations have underreported and underinvestigated, ignoring both small stories as well as the broader pattern. They have been too quick to cave to the blathering roar from the Right, cowed into acquiescence rather than serving the commonweal in their watchdog capacity. Why, for example, are Americans almost utterly ignorant of the January, 2005 Conyers Report ("Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio?") At the same time, the Republican Noise Machine agitates immediately against anyone who has the temerity to suggest the election was tainted in the slightest manner, labeling them as cranks, loonies, conspiracy nuts, sore losers, and the like. As Miller suggests, the citizens of Europe are better informed about the truth of our national elections than we are.

FOOLED AGAIN is a stunning indictment of the current, win-at-all-costs Republican Party, the American electoral process, and the blatant, couch potato indifference of American citizens that has made us the laughingstock of the Western world. What happened in the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections is a national disgrace, an embarrassment of colossal magnitude that we are too blind to see. Miller's "true life incidents" from tiny Jacksonville, Oregon in his book's Appendix are eye-openers that everyone should read if they want to understand what's really taking place in this country today. It's enough to make you cry. Hopefully it will infuriate you to stand up and do something, because it will indeed happen again in 2006 and 2008, and on and on until we put a stop to it and take our country back from the right-wing fanatics who've hijacked it.

Read FOOLED AGAIN - it's your civic duty.

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