Thursday, February 28, 2008

SPP Action Alert - Say No to the Corporate SPP Coup d'État

ACTION ALERT -- There is no time to lose!

Say No to the Corporate SPP Coup d'État

Exposing the Security and Prosperity Partnership
for what it is ...
Stealth, Profit and Power Corporate Take-Over

In his State of the Union address, President Bush announced that the fourth North American Summit of Canada, Mexico and the United States will take place April 21-22 in New Orleans. He didn’t say the words Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), probably because nobody has heard of it...and that’s no accident. At the last SPP summit in Montebello Canada in August 2007, protestors came out in large numbers. Seems lots of Canadians have heard of the SPP. Now we have to spread the word that the SPP Summit is coming to the U.S.

What is the SPP? The SPP was agreed to by President Bush with former Pres. Fox of Mexico and former Prime Minister Martin of Canada who shook hands on the deal in Waco TX on March 23, 2005. Never made the headlines. Never even went to Congress for approval. Very convenient. No bruising battle like over the trade agreements. In fact staff for the key House committees has not even heard of the SPP when we called them on February 5th.

And very convenient for the corporate executives and high ranking federal officials involved who did not want the light of day shined on their plans for a corporate takeover of the North American continent. But that’s what they are up to. For three years now they have been meeting in working groups on prosperity (increased corporate control over decisions impacting the economy) and on continental security (increased military surveillance/loss of civil rights), avoiding all public scrutiny.

They have been promoting a vision of “endless more” consumption of cheap goods from China and other low-wage countries, with super-cargo ships docking at deep super-ports and disgorging goods onto trains and trucks traveling along super-corridors built with our tax dollars while corporations collect the tolls on the privatized highway corridors. This is a global warming nightmare.

Now it is time for “We the People” to be heard.

ACT NOW Call Rep. Henry Waxman, Chair, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. 202-225-3976 Ask for the Legislative Assistant who covers the SPP. Tell the LA that you want immediate hearings on the SPP.

Also make clear that you want
  • the SPP Summit to be cancelled because the SPP was never approved by Congress
  • any further SPP working group meetings with members of the administration be contingent on Congressional debate and an “up or down” vote on the SPP
  • the Committee to request a full accounting by the U.S. Government Accountability Office on the use of public funds to date for SPP-related activities and any projected use of public funds,
  • including
    • Department of Transportation funding for any sections of the Super-Corridors
    • Working Group meetings on Prosperity reporting to the Secretary of Commerce and on Security reporting to the Secretary of Homeland Security.

If the SPP Summit is not cancelled, prepare to come to New Orleans and protest this corporate take-over. Join our Canadian and Mexican neighbors in saying No Way to the SPP.

For more information on the SPP, click here or go to and scroll down to Featured Today. There you will find articles and power point presentations about the SPP.

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