Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NYT editorializes against Feinstein-Bennett bill

Thanks to David Delk, Portland AfD chapter co-chair and AfD national vice chair, for his comments. David writes:

"Senators Feinstein D-CA) and Bennett (R-UT), chair and ranking member respectively of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration have introduced a bad election reform bill. It had its first hearing last week. I would not expect this bill to have any further action during the current session of Congress but because of who they are I would expect it to be back in 2009. We should oppose this bill now.

"Any bill we support should require a paper ballot (paper trail OK as a first step) upon which voters mark their vote. Additionally, it should have strong audit provisions. Audits should always be a hand count of the paper ballots. This bill has neither a paper ballot/paper trail or strong audit requirements."

Read the NYT editorial below. Please call your senators now and tell them you do not support half measures which could make the situation worse.

Here's the link to the NYT editorial. Some highlights:

The Feinstein-Bennett bill...would permit states to verify electronic voting machines’ results using electronic records rather than paper. Verifying by electronic records — having one piece of software attest that another piece of software is honest — is not verifying at all...This bill goes out of its way to placate voting machine manufacturers and local election officials, two groups that have consistently been on the wrong side of electronic voting integrity. Reform groups like Verified Voting, which have done critical work in the states, say they were not allowed to provide input.

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