Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The RoveCyberGate Campaign: Stunning Revelations About Election Fraud & How You Can Help Preserve the Integrity of Your Ballot

from, posted at is working with Ohio election attorneys, Cliff Arnebeck, Bob Fitrakis and Henry Eckert to find out the truth about recent information indicating that Karl Rove architected and directed a strategy to manipulate elections through the use of computers. Rove’s Cyber Guru, Michael Connell, has worked for the Bush family for over 20 years and helped Bush Sr., Jeb and Bush Jr. “win” their elections using his computer skills. Whistleblowers, including a Republican cyber security expert, say that several of these and other national elections have been rigged through various invisible and illegal means, including vote tabulation manipulation, improper partisan use of the Justice Department to target Democrats and uncooperative US Attorneys, and the laundering of hundreds of millions of corporate dollars funneled into fake advocacy groups directed against Democrat candidates running for public office.

Ex-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman has stated publicly that Rove was the person who directed Siegelman’s rigged election and criminal prosecution. GOP cyber sleuth Stephen Spoonamore has stated publicly that the leadership of the GOP has been "lying and stealing elections" and doing so through computers. Watch the stunning and revealing video here (play time 30 mins - and worth every minute!).

According to the attorneys, Rove’s goal with this strategy is to establish a unitary Executive Branch with a supportive judiciary, a weak legislature and a fearful press.

Corporate sponsors of this strategy, such as tobacco, energy, telecom, and pharmaceutical companies are rewarded with hands off government: deregulated oversight, stringent limits on class-action damages, the stacking of high courts with pro-business/anti-consumer Justices etc.

VR’s campaign is in support of the Ohio attorneys’ use of a federal civil lawsuit in a new legal strategy of taking targeted discovery and depositions of those who have been identified as being involved with or having knowledge of Rove’s CyberGate, including Rove, Michael Connell, Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Bob Ney, Brett Rapp, Ken Blackwell and others. The attorneys intend to file a racketeering RICO lawsuit against those identified in this case and will refer any proof of criminal activity to both state and federal authorities for criminal prosecution.

Read Attorney Clifford Arneson's request to Attorney General Mukasey
(copied to House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers) that the Secret Service secure and protect evidence from destruction by perpetrators.

This legal strategy will require significant resources for lawyers, expert witnesses, videotaped depositions, public relations, and investigators. The attorneys will need to go toe to toe with the top lobbyist law firms which will be hired to represent these targets. One of our targets is the US Chamber of Commerce which has spent close to a half billion dollars on lobbying since George Bush was inaugurated. The attorneys assert that Rove has used the Chamber to bankroll many of the illegal attacks using fake front groups posing as advocacy organizations.

RE: Document Hold Notice for US Chamber

This is to follow-up on our earlier discussions regarding our interest in obtaining the names of contributors and dates and amounts of corporate treasury contributions to the US Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform that have been used in Ohio and elsewhere to influence state candidate elections for supreme court and attorney general. I have previously sent a document hold notice to Brad Smith, as counsel to the Ohio Chamber, in regard to documents related to the activities of their Citizens for a Strong Ohio, to which the US Chamber’s Institute was a contributor in the 2002 and 2004 Ohio Supreme Court elections.

We now request that you advise your client the US Chamber and its Institute for Legal Reform that we intend to assert an Ohio Corrupt Practices Act/RICO claim in connection with their continuing activities, in coordination with Mr. Rove’s strategy of gaining single faction dominance in the United States on the basis of freeing business of meaningful government regulation and the rule of law, to influence these elections in Ohio and around the country.

Because of the Ohio statehouse press corps’ interest in this matter from its inception during the 2000 election year, we are providing them a copy of this request.

The attorneys will need to respond immediately to what we expect to be a smear campaign by those implicated in this attack on democracy. Press and FEC reports show that Rove and Connell are now working for the McCain presidential campaign.

Our job does not stop with simply exposing the truth. We need to make sure that these same people are not able to manipulate the upcoming presidential election. Why are these people now working for John McCain?

Is it because they have promised him a win no matter what? We want to make sure that McCain knows exactly what these people have done and hold him to his promise of a clean election.

Growing evidence suggests that, together, they've delivered many times in the last decade.

We need your help.

Donate here to support our "Protect elections, prosecute Rove" campaign. [blog editor note: Donations made at the previous link go to]

Let’s get to the bottom of this scandal before it’s too late.

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